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School-Based (ages 5-19) projects are charged with addressing dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in primary and secondary schools. Examples of projects in this area include:


“Our mission is to prevent incidences of domestic, sexual, and dating violence among children, youth, and young adults with a focus on the ‘at-risk’ and LGBTQ community. Ultimately, we aim to meet the needs of the youth and families we serve to empower them to live healthy lives, free from fear and abuse. Young people are at the forefront of our minds when creating programming.  These youth provide input into the educational activities in their schools and community awareness events. Youth involved in the programming have built trust with the program staff and always voice their interests and feedback, trusting that their voice is valuable and feedback will be incorporated into the programming. We understand that youth know their lives and situations best, and we need to learn from them what they need.”

YWCA Greater Cincinnati

“We provide violence prevention and social emotional programming to students ages 5-19. We also provide intervention supports to students who are victims of dating, domestic, sexual violence, or human trafficking while coordinating response with schools, law enforcement, prosecutors, and mental health providers to enhance collaborative supports for victims and their families. In addition, we work to enhance girls as leaders through peer support mentor programs via Girls Circles. Professional Development will be provided to school faculty to provide Trauma-Informed Classrooms for students and school policies that are sensitive to trauma and the promotion of resilience.

This program is a catalyst for bringing a more coordinated community response to childhood victims. It’s the glue that brings together community between schools, mental health, children’s services, law enforcement, prosecution/courts and families.”