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Children Exposed to Violence

Children Exposed to Violence (ages 0-10) projects are charged with developing, expanding, or strengthening coordinated community responses designed to prevent future incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking by preventing and responding to children’s exposure to acts of violence in the home and community. Examples of projects in this area include:

Child Protect of Mercer County, Inc.

The purpose of our project is to improve our communities response to children and youth survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, staking, and sex trafficking. Our program has had a very influential impact on our community by serving through a holistic approach, not only are we able to serve the child victims but also offer counseling to their non offending caregivers. Our superpower is being able to work closely with the Mercer County Board of Education, enabling us to reach all children attending Mercer County School. Through our partnerships we have expanded our prevention programming, support groups, and counseling services.”

Center for Domestic Peace

We have a group of youth and young adults from all over our county lead the way of how to engage their peers on the topic of dating abuse and healthy relationships. Young people work with school officials, local agencies, and their peers to create community-specific prevention campaigns. We have been working with the African-American community in our area to bring engaging dating abuse information to the local Teen Center that has an audience of ages 10-15 yrs. Through this work, the young people have gotten the attention of the local school who has now asked us to bring the prevention programs to all of the students on their campus.”