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Serving Our Youth TA Team

The Team

The Serving Our Youth TA Team is the comprehensive TA provider for the CY & EM grant programs. The TA team is diverse, responsive, and reflective of the field of grantees in the CY & EM programs. The TA team believes it is through strong and meaningful partnerships that shared learning and lasting change can occur in communities and nationwide. The TA team leads from a set of values that inform each and every aspect of TA delivery. Our collective values include a commitment to intersectionality, collaboration, transparency, and being change agents, children and youth defined, needs-responsive, and trauma sensitive. These values are woven into every aspect of TA including one on one interactions, cohort meetings, document review, the development of training institutes and events, and all the tailored training and support offered to grantees.

The Serving our Youth TA team brings over 35 years of direct service, leadership, and national TA and training experience to their work with CY & EM grantees. The TA team is comprised of two organizations: the Alliance of Local Service Organizations (ALSO) and MCSR. This partnership has provided consistent, bold, and change-inspiring leadership to over 100 grantee organizations since 2013.

ALSO and MCSR are not only leaders in the field, but organizations that work directly with young people and their local communities.

The Serving Our Youth TA team offers a variety of TA to CY & EM Grantees to support their work, utilizing the breadth of experience on the team to be needs-responsive to Grantees. TA consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • New Grantee Orientations
  • Institutes
  • Topical Webinars
  • One-on-One Individualized TA
  • Learning Collaboratives
  • Grantee Product Review
  • Bimonthly Newsletter
  • Targeted TA Workshops
  • Peer to Peer Opportunities
  • Grantee Portal & Website
  • Fact Sheets and Toolkits
  • Written Products

ALSO’s mission is to work in partnership with those living in risk of violence to promote safer homes and streets.  ALSO possesses 20 years of experience in building local and national connections among non-profit organizations, schools, private industry, churches, law enforcement, government agencies, and community members to prevent violence in the streets and homes of communities nationwide. 

Through its work at both the local and national levels, ALSO has working knowledge of the challenges local jurisdictions face as they attempt to improve their responses to violent crime, but also maintains a national perspective, with knowledge of emerging issues and promising practices states and local communities can adapt to address their unique needs.

MCSR is widely viewed as the national leader on engaging boys and young men in gender-based violence prevention. The organization continues to mentor boys and young men and successfully mobilize them to prevent men’s violence against women, girls, and other men; inspire young men to create their own positive definitions of masculinity, manhood, and strength; develop healthy relationships with others; work in partnership with female peers; and do their part to build safe communities. 

The three areas that define their work – youth development programming, public education, and training and TA – combine to create a comprehensive approach that raises awareness about the costs of violent masculinity; teaches young men about the benefits of prosocial masculinity; and promotes community action.

Serving Our Youth is just one of many technical assistance resources that are available to CY & EM grantees. To learn about other support, go to Additional TA Support.